Razer Seiren Emote: An awesome microphone for streamers and their audience

Michellehatchermedia – For a streamer, the key to success on Twitch is to connect with your audience. The disconnect between the lively personality and the flow of a chatbox is a difficult problem to overcome. Furthermore, it can be difficult and expensive to create a visually stimulating space to stream from (or cheap and boring with a pop-up green screen).

Razer’s new microphone tackles both of these challenges in a smart and innovative way that will make many streamers very excited. The new microphone, called Seiren Emote, is a professional-quality microphone with a live screen that interacts seamlessly with your chat while you play. The device was announced at TwitchCon today, and TheGamer could practically go along with it. We are pleased to announce that Razer has a killer product here that has the potential to increase your power and engage your audience in new, new ways.

How it works

The Seiren Emote has an 8-bit screen on the front that can display an unlimited variety of emotions based on any state you want. After plugging in your computer, it will automatically install driversrazer.com Synapse 3 and the Streamer Companion app. In the app you can choose the still emote that is displayed while playing, whether it is static or animated, or you can create your own.

From there, you can program specific emotions to display when you get a new follower, subscriber, donation, host, cheer, raid, or even when a specific word or phrase is used in the chat. The Streamer Companion app connects with Twitch and Streamlabs, so that once you’ve set it up, there’s absolutely nothing to do but stream like you always do – the emotions will change and appear automatically.

That’s not all, the app also supports all of Razer’s Chroma devices and anything else powered by chroma, including Hue’s Smart Light system. If you have Chroma accessories, it can be programmed very easily and intuitively to respond to certain conditions. When you get a new subscriber, you will take out your microphone and your headphones, keyboard, mouse and Hue lights can flicker and scatter as you like, creating exciting interactive moments with your audience.

It’s also just a damn good microphone

The Seiren Emote looks a lot like Razer’s Seiren X, a popular microphone for streamers and podcasters. The hypercardioid pick-up pattern means that the microphone is extremely directional to capture the details in your voice while eliminating background noise. I was able to run a fan in the area loudly while testing the microphone, and the sound quality was phenomenal. It has an extra long braided micro-USB cable and has a port for your headphones, which you have to use, because the Seiren Emote must be set on your computer as the standard input and output device to work.

The shock bar built into the base is meant to accidentally knock or hit sounds during the stream, as many streamers are known to be animated especially during games. I found that it did not completely eliminate accidental sounds, but that it muted them to almost impossible to hear.